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Ann Arbor Wordpress SEO - MeetUp

Having used Wordpress for 5 years now I decided to see whats going on in the local community with Wordpress. I attended an SEO MeetUp about Wordpress. Mainily how to configure SEO plugins like Wordpress SEO Plugins (by Yoast) and my biggest weakness content creation. Having used Wordpress for many years all settings and features are second nature to me, so plugins (like Wordpress SEO) aren't anything new to me. Although to get the most out of your SEO plugin you need to tailor every page with its own custom content.
WP Ann Arbor

WP Ann Arbor

Justin Ferriman co-founder of Learn Dash talking about generating content.

In a nutshell, Justin's words to the crowd were to blog on your website and have the content about popular topics like fads or politics. Blogging is something i've never done before because I never had content, but now I am using the MeetUps I go to as content.

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