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  1. Ann Arbor Wordpress SEO - MeetUp

    Having used Wordpress for 5 years now I decided to see whats going on in the local community with Wordpress. I attended an SEO MeetUp about Wordpress. Mainily how to configure SEO plugins like Wordpress SEO Plugins (by Yoast) and my biggest weakness content creation. Having used Wordpress for many…

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  2. Ruby Tips and Tricks - MeetUp

    I attended my first Ruby Tips and Tricks MeetUp hosted in Atomic Object's Ann Arbor, MI office. The tips and tricks that were being talked about were over my head. I have never looked into Ruby before this MeetUp. Although next month Ann Arbor Ruby group is going to have…

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  3. Ann Arbor New Tech - Meetup

    I attended my first Tech Meet Up hosted by Ann Arbor New Tech. I was more than impressed on whats going on in the Ann Arbor area. Ann Arbor has some aspiring technology community that I never knew existed. The four companies that presented: 1. Loveland Technologies - http://whydontweownthis.…

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