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Ruby Tips and Tricks - MeetUp

I attended my first Ruby Tips and Tricks MeetUp hosted in Atomic Object's Ann Arbor, MI office. The tips and tricks that were being talked about were over my head. I have never looked into Ruby before this MeetUp. Although next month Ann Arbor Ruby group is going to have a beginner talk.


A quick overview of presenters and tips:

Nicholas Klick an engineer at Nicholas Klick

Nichloas shared with us several tips and tricks that we can use in the IRB Console as well as some useful tips in metaprogramming. Everything Nichloas went over can be found on his public gist GitHub file:

Javan Makhmali a programmer at Basecamp. Javan Makhmali

Javan was going through code used in Basecamp and couldn't find many tricks used in Ruby. This is because Basecamp uses easy to read code rather than tricks. What I found to be useful was how he demonstrated how to use --Object#tap. The documentation for --Object#tap is not very clear online.

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