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My Google Professor...

Taking Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Search Marketing Praticum over the span of 4 years with my professor Bud Gibson was a great experience. Having seen Bud mature into such a fine Search Marketing professor, always revamping a course whenever new technology is available (I have never seen this done before in any of my classes). Never has Bud canceled a class, until today....

Bud is a charismatic professor indeed, my peers and I imitate when Bud is in deep thought and takes off his glasses while staring vigorously at our presentations and either shuts us down or graciously applauds us. Some good ole' laughs I tell ya. Just this past weekend Bud had a biking accident, while attempting a new trick called "stowing some trash" he fell off his bike. This trick calls for one hand off the handlebars. Luckily Bud is going to make a full recovery and should be back to class next Monday!!

The only reason I am writing this blog post is because Bud decided to hashtag his post of his bruised bike accident face with #Selfie, which made me chuckle. (Below you can find the link to my professors Google+ account and bike accident post)


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