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HttpFox for the Analytical Professional

HttpFox is a powerful tool in the analytics world. With this HTTP analyzer addon for Firefox, you can easily check what custom events are being fired on your behalf. Instead of having to go through Google Analytics to check whether your tags are working properly or not, you can simply load the page and fire an event while HttpFox is activated.

Not only does this work with Google Analytics, but it also works with Adobe Omniture. With Google Analytics you mainly see tags like event category (ec), event action (ea) and event label (el) fire. On Adobe Omniture, you can see many more tags v4-v54 and c4-c54. Below is a screenshot of an example of a Google Analytics tag firing from

Below is a screenshot of an event triggered from https://www.youtube.com/user/fordmeansbusiness/numbersdontlie on a color for the Transit Connect.


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