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Ann Arbor New Tech - Meetup

I attended my first Tech Meet Up hosted by Ann Arbor New Tech. I was more than impressed on whats going on in the Ann Arbor area. Ann Arbor has some aspiring technology community that I never knew existed.

The four companies that presented:
1. Loveland Technologies -
2. OCP Games - Organic Chemisty Learning Game
3. Marmalade Studios - JAM -
4. carcode sms -

Of these four companies, two sparked my interest; Loveland Technoloiges (Why Don't We Own This) and Marmalade Studios (JAM).


Being the amateur real estate investor, I found by LoveLand Technologies to be useful for the data driven investors. Showing foreclosures in the Detroit area with details such as owner information and tax information.


Have you ever heard of TouchTunes? You most likely have seen this futuristic Jukebox in a bar. These Jukeboxes let you select a song from their playlist at their physical kiosks or via mobile app. You pay for a song to play in queue or pay a little extra for that song to play next.

JAM works the same as TouchTunes in a way; however their 1.0 version only allows you to play songs from Spotify where you need a premium account. From there, people within your Bluetooth proximity can vote on what song plays next to the host device. The host device is the 'party'.

JAM is an app with a lot of potential and according to the developers you will be able to use other music services and even have a 'party' with songs from your own playlist with version 2.0.
JAM APP - Party to the people

"Party to the people" - JAM

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